So far, David has released two EPs – both of which are available for streaming and download practically everywhere. You can give the songs a listen here, and read more about the respective releases further below.

“Drunken Heartache”

In November 2018, David’s second EP was released. It is made up of three very personal songs that were written and recorded during (as indicated by the title) a rather gloomy period of his life.

“I had recently gotten out of a very passionate but turbulent relationship, and the pain of losing this girl, it was just too much to handle. So I started drinking round the clock, and my life was basically a mess. But a lot of songs came out of it – three of which I decided to put on this EP. And the fact that I was at least partially drunk while recording these songs, has given a very raw and honest sound to the whole thing, which I don’t think I could’ve achieved otherwise.”

While these three songs are bound together by their shared history, they do vary a bit in terms of genre; “Drunken Heartache” contains a piano-ridden ballad, a straight-up blues tune, and a bit of folksy, dreamy indie pop at the end.

Stream or download “Drunken Heartache” here: 

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“Old, New, Borrowed & Blue”

David released his debut EP in April 2018. The first track, “Worth The Price”, is an upbeat pop-rock tune about being happily in love, and while not all the remaining songs are just as bouncy, they do share a certain optimism – both lyrically and musically.

“The title of this record has a double meaning. It’s obviously associated with weddings, and since all five songs are about love, that seemed to be a nice fit. Furthermore, it’s a combination of old and new material, some have elements that I borrowed from other people’s stories, and some of them were written at times where I felt blue.”

Stream or download “Old, New, Borrowed & Blue” here: